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The Story

Why I Started This

“Leading and training our crews required finding high-level fitness programming that would create athletes that are extremely durable and well-rounded.” – Chris Ruano

I needed a workout program that would train me and my crew to become as fit, strong, and durable as possible for the arduous daily and long term challenges of a Fire-Service career and physically active lifestyle.

I was no longer content with training programs that were challenging but completely random.

Performing well at a wide variety of tasks is key, but in order to continue to develop as an athlete in the long term, training must be well balanced but also have end goals in mind.

So, I studied, completed training and certification courses, experimented, and ended up developing and using VenturAthlete fitness programming. 

I developed a program for training year-round and long-term.  Each program or cycle has a specific emphasis but is well-rounded and following the program won’t allow us to loose too much ground in other areas . Every workout cycle is well thought out programming engineered to obtain:

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Power and Efficiency
  • Speed and Endurance
  • Increasing Work Capacity

and the training and the athletes it creates must be 


Unique Training Approach



  • Our Experience in training with Civil Service Athletes has led to the use of this unique 1 year cycle;
    • Designed to timely “peak” an athlete for the ability to go the distance during the summertime “Fire Season”
    • Allows athletes to customize their training year with cycles that will emphasize Strength, Power, or Endurance at times of their choosing.
    • Your Training Year calendar will be unique based on your training needes


Here’s what Your year-round program consists of:


Our FOUR distinct 13-week cycles each with  a different focus …


  • OCT-DEC = INITIAL ATTACK Cycle Raw Strength in 3 major lifts, Conditioning, and also Functional “strongman” Strength/Sandbag training.
    • Strength and Power Development, Power Lifts Core Strength and improving aerobic capacity
    • Speed, Power, and Strength Endurance with a functional bias.
    • Stability and Strength, and Breathing Control using mainly Bodyweight, a single Kettlebell and Bands. Focused on correcting Imbalances and Maintaining our Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity while allowing you to train nearly anywhere with minimal equipment.

BIO - Chris Ruano - Owner, Coach, Consultant

  • Chris is an active, professional firefighter with over 20 years of experience in the Fire Service, currently leading year-round Wildland Fire Crews in Southern California.

“Thanks to the experiences I have been blessed to have, I have learned so much about fitness both long and short-term. I am now currently providing programming and coaching athletes that are interested in true high performance fitness that translates to becoming more functionally relevant in order to meet the demands of an arduous lifestyle or career”

  • While he has always trained strived to improve, Chris has been a training exclusively in his home Garage Gym or Fire Dept facilities for over 15 years, proving that you do not need an expensive gym membership in order to continually improve your fitness


Daily Workouts Delivered to your Phone