We want to help you to make training high on your priority list and part or you daily rhythm of life.
You can’t find your rhythm or carve out time for training if you have no idea how long a training session will take.
So, to help you with that and to help us gauge how long or hard you are training we break our daily sessions into “Blocks”.
Our training sessions are designed to be performed within a 1 hour time frame.
In order to accomplish this we utilize “Block Programming“,
A “Block” equals 10 minutes.
Each training session is made up of 5 Blocks or 50 min. So, each session takes 1 hour to complete when you include setup time and transitions.
Stick to the recommended 1 hour training window and try not to spend more than the allowed amount of time on each block.
For example, if you have a conditioning workout that is prescribed as 2 blocks, when you get to 20 min, stop, and move on to the next block.

Block programing also helps you gauge how much weight or which movements to scale.




 For example, lets say you have 1 Block (10 min) to complete 5 rounds of 12 strict pull-ups and 10 pistol squats.

You should look at the workout and time so that you can pick the appropriate scaling options for each movement in order to finish in the 10 min time cap.

  • If it takes you 5 min to get 12 pull-ups, and you can’t do pistol squats, you can guess that the goal is not to perform 20 pull-ups and no squats in 10 min.
  • Perhaps you could do band-assisted pull-ups and single leg box squats.
  • Perform the movement and range of motion, but scale loading and intensity to complete the training as intended.
Block Training will help you to size-up each work out and give you an idea of how to scale the weight or movements appropriately in order for you to get the intended metabolic conditioning for that workout or exercise.
If you find you have more that 1 hour to train, great! You can work on other lifts, exercises, skills, mobility, or anything you like with extra training time.