Conditioning and MetCons



In order for Civil-Service Athletes to achieve optimal fitness, it’s important to include both moderate and high intensity activities in their fitness program. This can also mitigate the occurrence of overuse injuries by providing less repetition.

We cross-train to achieve usable strength, capable of a wide range of motion and positions, and our metabolic conditioning workouts will push you in various time and work combinations that will reveal and improve any holes in your fitness.

While aerobic fitness is the backbone of a general fitness program. The primary purpose of aerobic conditioning is to make the heart stronger and work more efficiently, while improving one’s health and enhancing the quality of life. Aerobic fitness includes both aerobic (moderate intensity longer duration) and anaerobic (high intensity lower duration) activities. The purpose of aerobic conditioning is to train the heart and other muscles to use oxygen more efficiently allowing activity to continue longer. For a civil-service athlete, good examples of aerobic activity include running and hiking long distances or constructing wireline, where there is energy exerted over a longer duration at less intensity than anaerobic activities.

Anaerobic activity (high intensity) occurs when the workload places a un-sustainable demand on the muscles. Interval training and short 1-3 minute MetCon workouts are great was to train your aerobic capacity. Good examples of anaerobic activities include running sprints where you have short intense bursts of energy and speed. However, continued reliance on anaerobic energy rapidly leads to fatigue.

What does it all mean?

It means we need to train properly in order to be ready for anything. Our bodies must be be familiar with performing a wide variety of tacks at varying durations and intensities in order to operate safely in an arduous workplace or lifestyle.


VenturAthlete Training programs are designed to create the most well-rounded and durable athletes, able to function at the highest level possible, whether the workload is long or short, light or heavy.