Core training and strength is critical to firefighting and essential for both job performance and injury prevention and active life in general. Once you have this strong foundation, it’s easier to perform powerful movements with your arms and legs. Strong core muscles also help to correct postural imbalances that can lead to injury. Developing functional core fitness and stability helps maintain daily living and sustain long term physical activity.

We will target and work on the “core” daily, typically as part of the Pre-Hab or Strong/Bag Accessory work.


To start off each session it is important to prepare yourself by way of a warm-up, stretch, and bringing up your heart rate. We will usually accomplish this by spending 1 Block (10 min) on Pre-Hab.

We have chosen movements and exercises that will be an “accessory primer” for the session. In other words, the warm-up will prepare your muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous systems for the range of motion and stability needed for that particular session.

If you prefer extra static stretches or mobility work you can extend the workout session and work on what you like.