Peek under the hood of our Training Programs

13 Week Cycles


Each 13-week Cycle emphasizes certain Strength and Conditioning Goals

4 Training Cycles = 1 year

Cycles Start and Finish with 2 week Assessment Challenge De-Load


1. Raw Strength and Explosiveness

Initial Attack Cycle

2. Strength and Power Development

Ground Attack Cycle

3. Strength-Endurance, Speed and Power 

Extended Attack Cycle

4. Power-Endurance, Speed and Stability- Minimalist

AirAttack Cycle

  • 1-hour Workout Sessions
  • 5 Sessions per week
  • Train and Build your
    • Functional Work Capacity
  • Equipment Utilized
    • Barbells and weights
    • Bodyweight
    • Sandbags
    • Kettlebells or Dumbbells

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You can expect…

  • 5 Training Sessions per week to get you performing at a high level and help you stay as well-rounded and durable as possible.


  • Utilizes Block Programming
    • Programmed to be completed in 1 hour
    • get in a daily rhythm and know how long to give to training

5 Blocks per session

  • 1 block = 10 minutes
  • 3 blocks of Strength = 30 minutes to complete strength work

Made out of BLOCKS


Each week and day is planned in advance with a purpose and goal in mind.

There is a reason “why” for  everything in our training programs.

Weeks are made up of sessions that blend and balance the following blocks of training…

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The monthly, weekly, and daily goals may vary while there will alway be a healthy dose of Strength, Conditioning and Accessory Work.

Our year-round training is built around the following year long Athlete Perspective

This is a sample year combining all 4 VenturAthlete Training Cycles.

Designed to timely “peak” an athlete for demands of “Fire Season”

Our Experience in training with Civil Service Athletes has led to the use of this unique 1 year cycle;

  • OCT-DEC = Raw Strength in 3 major lifts, Conditioning, and also Functional “strongman” Strength/Sandbag training.
  • JAN-MAR = Strength and Power Development, Power Lifts Core Strength and improving aerobic capacity
  • APR-JUN = Speed, Power, and Strength Endurance with a functional bias.
  • JULY-SEPT = Power Endurance, Stability and Strength, Correcting Imbalances and Maintaining our Aerobic and Anerobic Capacity.

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