“AirAttack” Cycle – Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning


$55 for 1 year of access to our “AirAttack” Training Cycle designed to improve your strength and conditioning while taking the minimalistic approach of primarily utilizing a Kettlebell and Resistance bands as well as your bodyweight.

3-month long program designed for seasoned athletes or scalable for any athlete new to the game.

Spread this same program out over 4, 5, or 6 months if you aren’t able to work-out & train 5 days a week, OR, for those athletes that are newer to intense physical activity.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be given your unique TrainHeroic code in order to get access to the program on your phone, iPad or desktop


Complete 15 Week Cycle

$55.00 for 1 year of access to the…

3-month “AirAttack” Kettlebell Strength/Conditioning Cycle

Delivered via the TrainHeroic training app on your mobile device
  • 3-month Training Cycle designed to build your Strength, Conditioning, Stability and Athleticism
  • Bonus! Added 2 Week Assessment/Benchmark testing cycle included at start and finish.
  • Bonus! Weekend GRITeam Session Hero WOD’s; Honor / Remember the Heroes on the week in which they were Memorialized.
  • Overviews and Instructions for the program and the daily session
    • Emphasizing Strength Work primarily utilizing Kettlebells, Bodyweight and Resistance Bands
      • Dynamic Warm-ups that complement the daily workout
      • 5 workouts per week.
      •  Metabolic Conditioning or Endurance Work
      • Unique functional strength application, utilizing Sandbags for various aspects of training sessions
  • Monthly Recovery De-load Weeks
  • Use of Sandbags in most workouts, allows workouts to be performed outdoors at, parks, beaches, garage gyms, fire stations or camps, etc.
  • In-App instructional videos with technique tips and movement standards
  • Assess to updates and new instructional video content
  • Record your results so you can compete with yourself as you strive to improve
  • Access to the cycle for 1 full year, so you can repeat if desired.

This Strength and Conditioning Cycle is extremely unique by being a complete strength and conditioning cycle utilizing only your Body, a single Sandbag/Kettlebell, Jump Rope, and a couple of rubber Resistance Bands.

This cycle was thoughtfully developed to enable athletes to work on functional strength and conditioning during a season that may keep you from having everyday access variety of weights and equipment.(ex. Fire-Season or Summer Vacation)

This cycle will allow you stay consistent and stay on program no matter where your chaotic work schedule or travel may take you, while using equipment that could fit in a fanny-pack.

NOT a compilation of random workouts. Fully scalable for anyone yet designed to challenge and improve even advanced athletes.

By not using heavy weights, this cycle will allow you to improve as an athlete working towards more advanced functional strength exercises such as; 1-Leg Pistol Squats, Muscle-ups, Handstand Push-ups, and a huge variety of Sandbag and Kettlebell work as well as varied metabolic conditioning.

This Cycle is great for performing while Traveling or on the move as well as Garage Gyms, Fire and Police Stations and Outdoor areas and Parks.

BONUS: Weekend HERO/Partner WOD’s;

Sadly, several “Hero” workouts have been crated over the years, so in order to keep their Memorial always in our hearts and minds…every weekend features those “Heroes” that were KIA in that week of the year. Choose your workout that day as a way to remember them all.

Running, Pack Hiking and Trail Running are the dominant sources of steady state “cardio” training on this program.



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