“EXTENDED ATTACK” Cycle – Strength & Endurance


12 months of access to our “Extended Attack” Strength and Conditioning Program, to build Aerobic Capacity and Strength Endurance.

3-month long program designed for seasoned athletes or scalable for any athlete new to the game.

Spread this same program out over 4, 5, or 6 months if you aren’t able to work-out & train 5 days a week, OR, for those athletes that are newer to intense physical activity.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be given your unique TrainHeroic code in order to get access to the program on your phone, iPad or desktop


12 months of access to the…

3-month “EXTENDED ATTACK” Strength/Endurance Cycle

Delivered via the TrainHeroic training app on your mobile device
  • 3-month Training Cycle designed to build your Aerobic Capacity as well as Strength/Endurance.
  • Bonus! Added 2 Week Assessment/Benchmark testing cycle included at start and finish.
    • Overviews and Instructions for the program and the daily sessions
    • Emphasizing Strength Work utilizing Deadlifts, Cleans, Pressing, and Squats
    • Dynamic Warm-ups that complement the daily workout
    • 5 workouts per week.
    •  Metabolic Conditioning or Endurance Work
    • Unique functional strength application, utilizing Sandbags for various aspects of training sessions
  • Monthly Recovery De-load Weeks
  • Use of Sandbags in most workouts, allows workouts to be performed outdoors at, parks, beaches, garage gyms, fire stations or camps, etc.
  • In-App instructional videos with technique tips and movement standards
  • Assess to updates and new instructional video content
  • Record your results so you can compete with yourself as you strive to improve
  • Access to the cycle for 1 full year, so you can repeat if desired.

ncrease Aerobic Work Capacity and Strength Endurance…

This is not a random high-intensity hodge-poge, this is a challenging and well planned 3-month Athlete Preparation cycle focused on improving your Aerobic and Strength Endurance; 

well rounded enough to maintain or improve your strength while increasing your conditioning. 

This program has been developed and utilized by Firefighters currently operating on wildland fire crews and structural firefighting teams as they workout and train to perform at their peak.

This has been our go-to pre fire season program for years.

This program builds the strength and endurance to perform at a high level for very long periods of time while maintaining career resilience and longevity. 

 The Primary focus of this cycle is to maintain and develop Strength/Power and progressively build Strength Endurance by using percentage based strength sessions along with a wide variety of Functional Metabolic Conditioning and Accessory Work. 

This program incorporates Barbell, Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Sandbag, Sled, and Dumbbell exercises to be performed indoors or outdoors in a solo or team setting. 

In this cycle, you can expect focused strength sessions more frequently as the cycle begins;

and more strength-endurance sessions as the weeks continue.

Training layout consists of :

5 – one hour training sessions per week, complete with Accessory, Warm-up, Strength, MetCon, and Conditioning training blocks. Each Saturday features a longer, “Hero-style” partner Grit-Team WOD. 

Running, working in full gear, trail runs plus hiking or stair climbs are the dominant sources of steady state “cardio” training on this program.


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