“GROUND ATTACK” Strength and Power Cycle


$55 for 1 year of access to our “GROUND ATTACK” Strength and Conditioning Program.

3 month long program designed for established athletes or scaleable for athletes new to the game.

Spread the same program out over 4 or 5 months for those athletes that are newer to intense physical activity.

Upon receipt of payment you will be given your unique TrainHeroic code in order to get access to the program on your phone, iPad or desktop


Complete 15 Week Cycle –

$55.00 for 1 year of access to the…

3 month “Ground Attack” Power/Strength Conditioning Cycle

Delivered via the TrainHeroic training app on your mobile device
  • 3 month Training Cycle designed to build functional power in preparation of the summer “fire-season”
  • Bonus! Added 2 Week Assessment/Benchmark testing cycle included at start and finish.
    • Overviews and Instructions for the program and the daily sessions
    • Emphasizing these 4 major lifts; Deadlift, Clean and Jerk, Bench Press, Front Squat
    • Dynamic Warm-ups that complement the daily workout
    • 5 workouts per week.
    • Speed or MetCon or Endurance Work
    • Unique functional strength application, utilizing Sandbags
  • Monthly Recovery De-load Weeks
  • Use of Sandbags in most workouts, allows workouts to be performed outdoors at, parks, beaches, garage gyms, fire stations or camps, etc.
  • In App instructional videos with technique tips and movement standards
  • Assess to updates and new instructional video content
  • Record your results so you can compete with yourself as you strive to improve
  • Access to the cycle for 1 full year, so you can repeat if desired.
Power/Strength and Conditioning
This “GROUND ATTACK” 15 week Training Cycle focuses on developing power while continuing to maintain and build strength in the Clean and Jerk, the Deadlift, the Front Squat, and Pressing both Overhead and Bench.
For Conditioning we use MetCons as well as longer duration mono-structural and mixed-modal sessions in order to improve both short and long term aerobic and aerobic capacities.
What also makes this and all of our programs unique is the extensive use of Sandbag and Strongman Accessory work. This is as functionally relevant as we can train, and allows many sessions to be performed in a variety of locations such as; Fire and Police Stations, Garage Gyms, and even public parks or beaches.
This cycle was developed with the professional Firefighter or L.E.O in mind, as part of a year round program to make you Strong, Durable, and Fire-Ready. In order to prepare the athlete for a “fire-season”, this would best be started by late winter and finishing early spring. This program will utilize your raw strength and develop more Strength-Power output.


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