“INITIAL ATTACK” Strength Cycle


12 months of access to our “Initial Attack” Strength and Conditioning Program.

3 month long program designed for established athletes or scaleable for athletes new to the game.

Spread the same program out over 4 or 5 months for those athletes that are newer to intense physical activity.

Upon receipt of payment you will be given your unique TrainHeroic code in order to get access to the program on your phone, iPad or desktop



12 months of access to the….

3 month Strength Program “INITIAL ATTACK”

Delivered via the TrainHeroic training app on your mobile device
  • 3 month Training Cycle designed to build functional strength in the off-season or winter months
  • Bonus! Added 2 Week Assessment/Benchmark testing cycle included
    • Overviews and Instructions for the program and the daily workouts
    • Emphasizing the 3 major strength lifts; Deadlift, Shoulder Press, and the Back Squat
    • Dynamic Warm-ups that complement the daily workout
    • 5 workouts per week. 3 Strength days per week.
    • Speed or MetCon or Endurance Work
    • Unique functional strength application, utilizing Sandbags
  • Monthly Recovery De-load Weeks
  • Use of Sandbags in most workouts, allows workouts to be performed outdoors at, parks, beaches, garage gyms, fire stations or camps, etc.
  • In App instructional videos with technique tips and movement standards
  • Assess to updates and new instructional video content
  • Leaderboards for your results so you can compete with yourself as you strive to improve
  • Access to the cycle for 1 full year, so you can repeat if desired.


There’s a lot of “heavy lifting” on the foreground. Think Fire Dozers & Truck Work when it comes to what you are shooting for with this one.

The major goal of this 12 week cycle is to build raw strength in the Deadlift, Shoulder Press, and Back Squat.

And, in order to give us the chassis and the suspension to apply our new gains in strength and mass….

The minor goal on this cycle will be functional accessory work in the form of Strongman lifts and Sandbag work.

With plenty of Strongman/Sandbag Accessory work in the coming weeks, you will have ample opportunity to see how the strength you are building can be applied as a Firefighter; Throwing, lifting, dragging, and pushing will be staples on this cycle.

Conditioning on this cycle is programmed to largely compliment strength work.

To provide balance and ensure you are always ready for the long game, you can expect 1 day per week of moderate endurance work in order to stave of any rapid loss of long duration fitness.

By targeting the energy systems we hope to improve, the MetCons will be varied and typically with metered rest.

And because you like to look like you are ready for any job out there,  expect some bro-pump by way of ample“Sunz out Gunz out” work.


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