What I’ve learned over the last

20 years Training for an

Arduous Career and Lifestyle…

  • Be Safe
  • Train Hard
  • Make it Work
  • Scale when needed


What 20 years Training has Taught Me...

I remember about 10 years ago I really became exited about increasing my fitness and work capacity. I began challenging myself on a daily basis in ways that I had not done before. I was following the crossfit.com workouts posted daily. At that time I had no idea what these movements or exercises were, how to do them, or how I  would do them without some of the recommended equipment. I would look up videos and find out what to do and how I should do it. If I didn’t have the equipment I would do my best to simulate it and get the work done. My desire to succeed and improve outweighed any of the excuses or obstacles.

I tell this short story because in order to succeed and achieve your goals you will have to be mentally engaged and take your training session seriously. This means you must take a peek at your upcoming training session and have a plan.


It is up to you to take a proactive approach to your fitness and workouts. Learn how to complete the exercises safely. Listen to your body each day and do not do something in a way that will lead to injury and remember some of these tips to keep you safe and injury free.

    • Never compromise proper form for a personal best or to beat the clock.
    • When proper form begins to break down, lighten the load and/or slow your pace.
    • Watch videos to ways to improve your technique and safety.


For example, lets say you have 1 Block (10 min) to complete 5 rounds of 12 strict pull-ups and 10 pistol squats.

  • You should look at the workout and time so that you can pick the appropriate scaling options for each movement in order to finish in the 10 min time cap.
  • If it takes you 5 min to get 12 pull-ups, and you can’t do pistol squats, you can guess that the goal is not to perform 20 pull-ups and no squats in 10 min.
  • Perhaps you could do band-assisted pull-ups and single leg box squats.
  • Perform the movement and range of motion, but scale loading and intensity to complete the training as intended


Successful Athletes are known for having a can do attitude and possess the ability to adapt, overcome, and get the job done.

To help you out with planning your session, I have done alot of the work for you

  • Every Sunday I have included a “Weekly Briefing” giving an overview of the week and what to expect.
  • Your daily workout session includes videos of the exercises, showing the movement and tips on how to be safe and get the most benefit

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