Strength Training

VenturAthlete Strength Work

We take an intentional and proven approach to our Strength training programming. No willy-nilly or random strength programs.

If you want to get stronger you need to have a plan, increase loading over a long time, and put in the work. Its simple but not easy.

Moving any load (including ourselves) over any distance for any amount of time or repetitions cannot be safely accomplished without some kind of strength foundation.

Want to get Stronger? We got you covered.

VenturAthlete strength programming utilizes the three basic, tried and true, strength training principles:

1. Maximal Effort Method

  • 1 Rep Maxes   or
  • Lighter Strength Tests Performed Until Failure

2. Submaximal Effort Method

  • Strength lifts performed at less than maximum effort
    • Build stability, muscle memory, and strength in a certain posistion

3. Dynamic Effort Method

  • Less than max effort loads performed at a more “explosive” effort

TrainHeroic app handles % calculations for you and records your data for you in each session via your mobile

  • We use a Linear-Progression model that moves you toward a desired end goal at a realistic, steady and safe rate

  • We use Percentage based Strength work that is tailored to your current fitness level

Muscle strength is a primary factor in work capacity when heavy lifting is involved, when using heavy tools, or when heavy loads must be moved. When repetitious lifting is utilized such as using hand tools, muscular endurance plays an important role in work capacity.

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