One of the main reasons that my programs are so unique and effective is because  of how often I incorporate Sandbags the weekly training sessions. I have used and continue to use a wide variety of training equipment, and Sandbags are certainly “my go-to for go-anywhere, well-rounded fitness”I utilize sandbags in many ways and many different exercises. They get used as part of Warm-ups, Strength work, Accessory work, and of course MetCons.  Here are some reasons why…


Versatile, Adjustable and Portable


Perform Barbell or Kettlebell Exercises


Train Outdoors or Indoors


Lift, Throw, Drag, Toss or Carry


Use Grips or No Grips


This is what truly sets VenturAthlete apart from other strength and conditioning programming and makes us unique.



We program basic “strongman” lifts and utilize sandbags in order to make you the most functionally relevant athlete you can possibly be.


Sandbag and Strongman training is incorporated into our workouts several times per week and will be utilized as part of the following:


  • Pre-Hab Warm-up and Accessory Primer
  • Daily Core
  • Strength and Strength Accessory Work
  • MetCons and Grit Conditioning
  • Strongman and Accessory Work


No random exercises or WOD’s here either. We will be using these lifts and exercises as part our programming blueprint to create the most durable and well-rounded Athletes possible.








If you train like me,


most times, you train on the cheap; outdoors, in a garage gym, or at a fire department facility or station where you may not have “globo-gym” or “CrossFit-box” equipment at the ready.


However, with 1 or 2 sandbags you can perform an unbelievable amount of exercises and workouts that would typically require massive amounts of equipment and weights.


I am so blessed to have a great garage gym and some great fire dept. facilities to train at, but I still choose to train with a sandbag on most of my workouts.









If I had to choose only ONE single piece of training equipment in order to build up my strength and conditioning and also be able to perform fun workouts; I would absolutely choose a sandbag.


Sandbag Training allows for…


  • Training with weighed “Odd Objects” and “Dead Loads” like those a Civil-Service Athlete will encounter
  • Portability  (fill on site or leave it set up)
  • Adjustable Loading  (add or remove load easily)
  • Performing almost all Barbell Lifts
  • Performing almost all Kettlebell Lifts
  • Performing Strongman Lifts
  • Affordability  (the weight is dirt cheap)
  • Throwing, Dropping, and Dragging loads with no damage to equipment or flooring


The list of exercises that can be performed best only by using sandbags is too long to list, but you can be sure you will get a healthy dose and variety on any VenturAthlete training cycle.


Your Garage Gym or Station setup that will allow you to scale and perform just about every VenturAthlete workout session would include…


  • 1 Sandbag Kettlebell – light – (0-45 lbs)
  • 1 Athlete Sandbag – medium – (25-75 lbs)
  • 1 Strongman Sandbag – heavy – (50-125 lbs)


For more info on why all Athletes should train with sandbags, and how to get an American Made sandbag of your own, these folks are the best in the biz…